David Keplinger

1 Poem

A thief whose name was Never Mind 
also went by It’s Nothing and Don’t Think Twice. 
These were the common aliases but his lover 
called him Whatever in bed, and his mother 
referred to him as The Appendix, since he was removed 
by Caesarian. By forty he was almost invisible, 
but not yet, which caused him injury when crawling 
through protective firewalls. He was arrested shortly after. 
As the cops broke down the door, he succumbed, 
or succeeded, at last. No wrists to speak of 
when they slapped the handcuffs on him. No pain
when the manacles clicked like a camera shutter. 

David Keplinger is the author of seven collections of poetry, recently Another City (2018 Milkweed), which was awarded the UNT Rilke Prize. In June 2020 he was selected for the Emily Dickinson Prize by the Poetry Society of America. Of his four volumes of translations from the German and Danish, recently Forty-One Objects, by Carsten Rene Nielsen, was a finalist for the National Translation Award in 2020. Poems this year have appeared in Ploughshares, The New Republic, The New England Review, and Plume.