HB Berlow

H.B. Berlow
2 Poems


An abstraction of value
is not worth
       the price.

Twice is nice
but you can only die


There is no sense in the pretense
that demons lurk
beneath the satin sheets.

I’m drowning in the mucus
of your sporadic emissions
of anger and disgust,
the dust of your senility,
your decisions of mistrust,
your misguided annihilation.

You devastate me with
Black spots scattered
pockmarking my stability.

I’m sick, but you’re




Well, ladies and gentlemen,
That about wraps it up for our show tonight.

I’d like to thank our guests
For appearing with us tonight.

Next week, more thrills, more spills & chills,
More derring-do and action-packed adventure,
More surprises. But that’s all for tonight.

But there’s more,
Much more left in store;
a different program every week.

Every time that this show airs
It’s like climbing another flight of stairs:
More work to arrive at a different height,
A different peak, a new frontier.
And every time you ask yourself “Where
Am I?”

And every time the program is aired
You find yourself compared
To just another show, and you ask yourself
“Where am I?”



H.B. Berlow studied filmmaking and creative writing at the University of Miami in the 80’s, was involved in the Boston Poetry Scene in the 90’s, and was the former president of the Kansas Writer’s Association from 2012 to 2013. He is the author of the historical crime fiction series, which includes Ark City Confidential, Secrets of the Righteous, and Lost in the Plains published through The Wild Rose Press and currently available on Amazon. https://hbberlow.com/