Jack Valry

Jack Valry
1 Poem
The First Shall Be Last & The Last Shall Be First

The Truth don’t come
to bring peace
but the sword.

Sometimes sons
are torn from their fathers.
Sometimes families are shattered.

The truth cuts deep
between Belief
& reality.

We’ve had
for so long.

But what’s the cost
of peace? What hands
silently bleed? What feet?

What skulls crack or crumble without
the use of sound or sword? Whose flesh
burns as this Carcass of Christ fools itself

into thinkin
              it still lives?

Sometimes them
that take up

ain’t the bad guys.
Sometimes swords
are the only thing

they have
to tap the side
of the hourglass –

to shift the sands
of oppression &

& topple mountains
or turn molehills
into fertile soil…

And things are always
movin forward through
Time. It’s just gravity.

You can’t cling to
the glass for very long.
You can’t maintain

your heights without
standin on the other grains of sand
below you.

But Kingdomcome
ain’t for them that cling
to life or heights as if

God owed it to em –
as if they deserve it
& the others don’t.

Kingdomcome’s for
them that learn
to love
              & let go.