John Browning

John Browning
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cullen skink

our last full day alone together in Edinburgh
among city multitudes along dark stone faces
-neither took ill this trip, enjoyed our stay

yes! we have it every day, says the college lass
at the brasserie
ah, scots soup du jour, I think
as we gaze up the soaring Victorian monument

we smile and order 2 cullen skinks
take seats where we like in the National musee
-muse on chowder-elixir of another cold day
our year before dreaming on the Isle of Skye

now, after the Scottish Poetry Library
where you dozed I admired portraits of poets
old familiars fondly known to my mind
or new faces’ captured names to copy down

but time now to discuss Mary Queen of Scots
her needlework dialogs on a wall upstairs
straight from a historical novel passage
you only just had read the night before

aye, stormy nautical life comes in bowls
from somewhere past Arthur’s Seat
the great shore rock and out to sea
as always, where the fishermen row

god knows and we remember well
this next year as we make soup ourselves
it tastes and savors as well, with scones
and sore the missing ingredient, Caledonia
nonetheless is present in our minds
and you dear, with me there
are with me here


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John Browning is a poet looking for his first journal publication after many years of writing and submissions. A recent MFA graduate from Vermont College of Fine Arts, Browning is a visual artist, prose writer and philosopher as well as a poet. He is the author of several books of poetry and art.