Nathan Whitman

Nathan Whitman
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Eros I On

This person you see is a shadow
of the man he wants to be,
of the man he cannot become
because no matter how he chisels his heart
into Galatea’s likeness, stone
erodes, cracks
on the smoothest faces.

He sees his destiny in the chasms
of his fingerprints, the floodgates
of his bowels, the chips
of the fragments of his idealized
statue laying in the horizon,
lit in the recess of his mind,
scattered faceless on the ground:

A glance into the face of Destiny,
a glance into the face of God
seeps into his pores, overwhelms his
body until it breaks into
pebbles. Every man is an I –
land: his grains of thought,
his secrets piece

together paradise. Eden
stood until the flood,
but stones brought back humanity.
Deucalion picked up rocks,
threw them over his shoulder,
and they turned into people who danced
their diversity!

But what of you?
But what of our
mingled mounds of dirt?
Are we unlucky, unless atop
a mountain? Those crushed
and crumbled beneath the Base turn
into diamond.



NathanNathan Whitman is an English teacher at Burrton USD 369 and an adjunct professor at Hutchinson Community College. He has a Master of Arts in English Literature and two Bachelor of Arts degrees from Wichita State University in creative writing and secondary education. He is the current Kansas Association of Teachers of English President and is an editor of the Voices of Kansas electronic journal for students. He has been published in Kansas English, is a former Horizon Award winner, and is an active member of the Kansas Exemplary Educators Network.