RCP June 2020

June 2020 Special Edition

CALL for Submissions

June 2020 feels cataclysmic.  Not only are numbers increasing for COVID19 infections in Kansas, but protests against police brutality erupted the world over.

This is a good time to say, unequivocally, that Black Lives Matter, and that River City Poetry believes in supporting diverse voices and diverse experiences, so that we can all be better people.  We value our BIPOC readers and contributors.  We value LGBQ+ narratives, and we acknowledge that there has been a long-standing practice to ignore/silence the queer story, the brown story, the immigrant story, the native story, the nonwhite narrative.  We stand against racism and the systemic silencing of black voices–especially by “literary” journals.  We believe in Poetry Worth Sharing from folx that get shut out from other platforms.  We celebrate the life-affirming power of poetry and the empowerment of voice.

This journal was started to give back to a poetry community that so generously has supported me.  But now is a VERY good time to reflect: what can River City Poetry do BETTER to support our community?

So while June is typically NOT a Reading Period for us, especially as we are midstream for the Wichita Broadside Project, this seems like the perfect time to accept submissions for a special June 2020 edition of River City Poetry.

What are we looking for?

Thematically, we’re focused on JUNE–what are people thinking about?

What are people experiencing?

Whether it relates to protecting your family from infection OR it means fighting for your loved ones by protesting, we would like to see your work from RIGHT NOW, the more recent, the better.  This is such a dynamic period; February seems very far away.

And if you haven’t been writing, perhaps your personal prompt IS to write about that.  It’s not always easy to create.

Normally, we would ask contributors from the last issue to wait a year before submitting again.  Ignore that.  We want our regular contributors participating.  We want to focus on Wichita and Kansas voices for this particular issue, and we want to share new work from new writers, too.  This is about recording some of our collective experiences in a way that preserves this moment in time.

DEADLINE: July 14th, 2020

This issue will have a quick turn-around time and will be released as soon as the reader/review process is complete.

Send us your best work: 1-5 poems as an attachment to rivercitypoetrysubmissions[@]gmail.com

We can’t wait to see your work.