River City Poetry Fall 2017

There’s a tingle in the air around here, an excitement as things start moving.  We at River City Poetry are grateful for the support we’ve received from the community, and we know the new year will bring wonderful opportunities for us to grow.  We’ve sponsored our first community events and look forward to so many more!  But we’re especially grateful to be able to showcase the poets in our Fall issue.  As we perused submissions and made [at times] painful decisions, we realized that thematic elements began to emerge, themes of intersectionality, of poet-as-witness, and poetry that organically expected to interact with the world.  So as part show-case, part education, part commiseration for the journey all poets make, we’d like to open with a “Disappointed Tanka” from one of our featured poets:

Disappointed Tanka
Janet Jenkins-Stotts

My poems have been
Swimming in the shallow end,
Afraid of the depths,
Floating on facile rhymes, as
They slowly dog paddle home.

Be sure to visit Robert L. Dean, Jr.’s page for a bonus interview and poem.  And of course, there are some lovely samples from our collaborative Wichita Broadside Project.  You may click on each name below, or if you prefer, you can download the PDF from the link at the bottom of the list.

Robert L. Dean, Jr

Ann Fell

Greg Field

Grace Marie Grafton

Janet Jenkins-Stotts

Shannon Nakai 

Michael Poage

Janet Reed

Andres Rodriguez

Maryfrances Wagner

RCP Fall 2017