River City Poetry Fall 2019

Introduction Fall 2019:

Community…such a simple term. And such a complex idea. Writing is a solitary endeavor. We sit in a quiet corner, the lamp glow over laptops or paper. We wrestle with our misgivings and inadequacies— fight with an internal editor that can be more critical than any writing professor or workshop critique. I know of some writers that thrive in the busy bustle of a coffee shop, but I have to limit all stimuli when I’m writing, and there’s nothing more alone than that.

But we write to be read— that inherent juxtaposition of our private endeavor against the need to be publicly shared, to know that someone likes our work, that we’ve communicated something— I think that’s what drives us. And I’m so pleased that we get to share with our readers so many deserving writers.

This fall, we return thematically to that which is visual. Several of our contributors are writing ekphrastically or in some way that is concretely graphic. We have poets that are returning to us this month, and it’s fascinating to see their growth and evolution over time. We are focused on community, that group of writers and artists that support us over and over again, that through pain and grief, through loss and joy, we have come to rely on so heavily as they support our efforts.
Thank you for reading poetry.

April Pameticky
Managing Editor, River City Poetry

You can download the issue as a PDF file RCPFall 2019, or follow the links below to see each poet’s work.

Roy J. Beckemeyer

William Bloomquist

Julie Ann Baker Brin

Raylyn Clacher

Doug Horacio Holguin Lynn

Mike James

Melody Montgomery

Melany Pearce

Cheryl Unruh

Grace Ure