River City Poetry Spring 2019

It’s a beautiful spring in Kansas this year, storms and noise, so much wind and moisture. I put my coat away for the season, only to pull it back out in late April. I put the tomatoes in the ground last weekend and am hoping I didn’t plant them just a little too early.

Poetry is a little like that. You plant a seed, watch it sprout, think the work is ready… only to realize that maybe the poem isn’t ripe yet. Perhaps some pruning should occur.
River City Poetry made the decision this issue to expand. With so many quality submissions coming in from the region, and frankly the world, we want to expand our offerings. Which is why we’re also now offering the digital download in different file formats so that our readers can access our poetry in the ways they prefer.
We continue to offer unique opportunities within our Wichita community to share poetry. We’d like to especially thank our readers, YOU, for continuing to support us and Poetry Worth Sharing.

April Pameticky

RCP Spring 2019

Gale Acuff

Robert L. Dean, Jr.

Luke Taylor Gilstrap

Grace Marie Grafton

Kelly Johnston

Kyle Laws

David R. Mellor

Mike Pantano

Marilyn Pellini

John Timothy Robinson

Steven Sassmann

Melissa Smith

Christine Swanberg

Madison White