David R. Mellor

David R. Mellor
3 Poems



Just a bit part in life’s big movie screen

Do you remember getting lost?
On the path you never took
Spent a life time being a stranger and always forgetting to return that look

Always a second behind that big break
Moving scene
Just a bit part in life’s big movie screen

When all were gathered to be cast in their part
Dentist, doctor, perfect father
You forgot your part

Fluffed the lines,
Stumbled and broke down
Ran down countless alley ways screaming in the dark
Hitting the pillow
Chatting to the demons within

Cursing the day
let those
Bastards in


She Scrolls up
She Scrolls down

She scrolls up
She scrolls down
She likes
She loves
She’s shocked and surprised
Sends a photo
Sends an update
She likes a photo of her child…
Who’s just fallen on floor
She scrolls up
She looks down
She is shocked and surprised …
Takes a photo
Of the bloody mess
Shares it online
Her Friends
Scroll up
Scroll down
Pass comments 200 (at least)
Sits back on the bus
“Now wasn’t that an event”



First Love

I used to love those cells so much
Those that became so fond of you
Trapped as I was between youth and despair
Holding onto to branches and life’s first parting of hair
I used to ly in bed
Turning over life’s first body blow
You growing cold
Whilst my hair was wet with fever
And I as a boy said
“don’t go”
not knowing why or what for
a few years before I kicked a ball around
was delighted with ice cream
never asking for nothing
then my cells felt so much, became fond of you
Trapped as I was in life’s first parting of hurt




David MellorBorn 1964, (Liverpool, England) to a difficult birth, David R. Mellor didn’t find his voice until his youth. Years of thinking he was nobody and treated as such, including a period of homelessness in the desperate Thatcher Years. However, he hit the paper, papering over the scars, found understanding belief through words. He was been published and performed widely from the BBC, The Tate, galleries and pubs and everything in between.