Marilyn A. Pellini

Marilyn A. Pellini
3 Poems


Hades and Back

Terror grips me.
Dark cloaked figures abound.
In dungeons so scary,
Wild demons all round.

Trees with fingers and arms,
They grab and paw at me.
Set off blaring alarms,
But still won’t let me be.

Is someone here to free me?
The firemen as I am trapped?
The lifeguard from churning sea?
The police from violent attack?

See where I am shot.
Skin burned off from the blaze.
Sharks tearing my body parts.
But then turning from my laze:

I flutter open my eyes,
And to my great relief,
Find not my being’s demise.
Nor torture in deaths grief.


Destination Unknown

It kept creeping closer, the hand.
I saw the puckered shin,
the long tapered fingers,
nails that were curled under,
it made a motion, almost a demand.

It beckoned me,
and insisted I follow,
into the darkness and fog,
where a skiff awaited,
just at the edge of the sea.

A figure was ready at the oars.
so I knew I must hasten and go,
but did not want to leave my motherland,
and the sea awaited with roars.

A cloak was thrown over my head.
Where was I to be taken
to escape my supposed wrongdoing?
A grander place of safety,
or a boat’s floor forever my bed.

Will I safely arrive at the distant shore?
The cruel night just might swallow me,
or a stalwart foes be my captors again.
I most dread, left wondering evermore.

I am the rightful king,
Yet I must trust my fate
To this still unproven oarsman.
Can I be saved for another try
By those who my praises do sing?

Bonnie Prince Charlie is my name.
I will never sleep,
Never give up the quest,
To reclaim my rightful throne.
In reality my life may be taken,
but I must at least not die in vain.

The High Life

I’m living on the edge,
The edge of fame,
Or remaining a nonentity.

The edge of being rich,
Or really, really poor.

I’ve seen some of Europe,
Even lived in Paris a year.

I’m out to try new things,
And have exciting adventures too.

I like the interesting, the exotic,
Even the erotic.
Go everywhere, try everything,
Is the goal I’ve set myself.

Being young and vibrant,
This should be possible.

All I need is some money,
Which could be provided
By the job I do not have.

You see, I got out of college last year.
With big ideas and plans.
But none of this can come to fruition
Without a bankroll attached.

I’ll have to put off the Galapagos.
Even a stay on Cape Cod,
Till I find a job that pays real money.
And lets me take off when I can.


Marilyn A. Pellini recently published a grief book titled: Dear Al, A Widow’s Struggles and Remembrances. It has been selling quite well. Her other credits as a writer include a recent article titled “Memories in My Button Jar,” pieces in Westchester Parent Magazine, Bay State Parent Magazine, On The Water, Balanced Rock and others. In May of 2018, she took the first place prize in the N.Y. State Federation of Women’s Clubs writing contest.