Roy Stucky

Roy Stucky
3 Poems


Palms of Warning

Rage tastes pointless
Calm vanishes
An ocean floor of fear
Exposed to a critical sun
That one day
Seemed deep
Between upraised
Palms of warning
A face where reason parted
Ways with grace to stare
In brilliant blindness
Beauty cried
To be.




I have been listening

Summits conclude
This is not the end
Though temperatures fall
I burn
Ever larger
          Ever smaller
Helix suspended
On forces I cannot perceive
Times design converted
To ponderous plans I pretend
Tread among the shadow trees
The conversation held
Inside my head

I have been listening



Silent sliding between wrecks
Stabbed bugs maps label reefs
Sleeping beneath fall tides
I can’t decide if I’m lucky
Or guided by brilliance
When quartermasters rise up to play
Debris descends into deeps
No diver will ever allow
To grab his hands
In tug of quiet
Where sound goes to wait
With the midnight I carry
Beneath my coat of many shudders
I clutch the first prize
I touch with a fist
That shapes my chains.



Roy SRoy Stucky‘s latest publication is Truth War:  A Play in Three Acts.  He has also published Transapparent:  A Novel for Three-Dimensional Christians.  A graduate of Sterling College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems, Roy has spent the majority of his literary career writing song lyrics for the band Mirror Covenant.