We are interested in poetry rooted in image.  We don’t particularly care for maudlin poems or poems overly dependent on strange spacing or bizarre punctuation.  We want fresh voices and experiences that transport our readership beyond the screen.
Surprise and Delight us.

We are OPEN and ready to see your submissions for our FALL Reading period from September 1st through October 31st.

Publication for the fall will be in late November, time TBD based on volume of submissions for this reading period.

For our summer months, River City Poetry was focused on the Wichita Broadside Project.  We invite you to explore this engaging collaboration between local Wichita artists and poets.

We also want to encourage you to explore our June 2020 Special Edition, a special reflection on the complexity of our times.

February 1st-April 30th with the Spring issue live in May.

Submissions:  River City Poetry is run by a small staff of volunteers.  We are committed to sharing the best of our submissions twice a year.  Give us adequate time to respond.

Please carefully consider the work submitted.  It should be error-free and reflect the writer’s best.  While we occasionally solicit previously published work, during our Spring and Fall reading periods, all work must be unpublished, either online or through more traditional print presses.  This includes personal blogs or Facebook groups.

We allow simultaneous submissions, but please notify of us of publication elsewhere.

Email up to 6 poems in a single, attached RTF, PDF, or Word document to rivercitypoetrysubmissions [@]  Within the body of the email, poets should include the titles of the work submitted and a brief 3rd-person biography, although that will not be a factor in the consideration for publication.  We would like the poetry’s excellence to speak for itself.

Please wait one year before submitting again.

Chapbook Reviews

In our efforts to celebrate poetry, we are very interested in well-written reviews of chapbook-length works.  Please email query pitches to rivercitypoetrysubmissions [@] with “Chapbook Review” in the subject.  In the body of the email, list the poet, the publication date, the press, and a reason why this chapbook deserves further exploration.  Do NOT send unsolicited reviews.  While not opposed to reviewing self-publication efforts, preference is given to small-press works.

Want us to review Your chapbook?

Send queries to the above listed email, with the chapbook title in the subject.  Again, list the poet (you), the publication date, the press, and a third-person bio in the body of the email.