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Tyjuan Davis
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River City Poetry

It’s a good time to say, River City believes we all prevail,
and got a story to tell,
so let’s stand side by side and be a friend to each other,
after all we are sisters and brothers.
We come together and make a difference.
Diverse voices and diverse experience.
We are the change that the world needs to unite, stars and stripes,
We don’t want to fight but we know our rights,
we promote love and excitement.
No violence however, we won’t remain silent,
all police don’t need indictment.
Why in 2020, the year which was labeled the year of vision,
is there so much division?
What has to happen to get people to listen?
Can we refocus on completing the mission?
That’s my narrative, freedom of speech,
we play for keeps, ministry in the streets,
Holding signs as we preach, and we reach across racial tension,
so don’t be alarmed,
River City provided this poetic platform, Summertime, it’s already pretty warm.
We celebrate life that’s abundant living.
Call a truce, change some laws and justice increase!!!!
Joy happiness and peace!!!! America to the Middle East.
From all over the world and manner of men, women, boys, and girls.
3 branches of government which create checks and balance.
Seems like living the dream will always be a challenge.
As well as a risk, until we set aside myths,
educate ourselves and use our gifts.
The world needs demonstration well as conversation,
official notice through revelations,
Arise and equality brings about liberation,
concepts and possessions that begins reconciliation.
Instead prisoners of war held captive, when push comes to shove.
No captain but everyone wants to judge, the world needs love?
These are more than words written on a sheet;
these are the thoughts that run oh so deep.
I beat my feet, when I wake from sleep, in the morn,
happy these are the days I was born,
Passion exudes I wait to transform, while thinking,
River City got poetry smooth as popcorn.




Tyjuan Davis and his wife live in Valley Center and just recently celebrated their one year anniversary. Davis is a community activist, involved in several organizations to better the Wichita community, and is the founder of Ty Davis Productions. Davis is an inspirational writer, a motivational speaker, a peer mentor and an entrepreneur. He has written 500 poems and 3 novels, and most recently,The Change Within Me, a poetic account of the tough times he endured to become the man he is today. [Available from Amazon, Book-A-Holic locally in Wichita, or directly from the author] TyJuan Davis has a word of encouragement no matter what situation you may find yourself in. He can also be found on Facebook and Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6cGtq6KhLQ_tvqjm9YD7yA